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Foil Kites Concept Air Smart Wave 6.5 & 4.5 & 3 and now 8.5Kitesurfing Eye Protection Goggles that can be used with helmetKitesurfing Problem with Ratchet Straps TighteningHydrofoil Foils and board for DownwindersHydrofoil strutlessKitesurfing Punta Chame PanamaKitesurfing Kite Bag Transfer Fees Cayo GuillermoKitesurfing kite friendly airlineHydrofoil How good do you have to be to foil?Snow / Land Why is everyone hating on old kites ?Kitesurfing You love it - SUP and kite shop in Dusseldorf - Do not buy!Hydrofoil Hydrofoil VideosTravel Kite rental Based in Bangkok by Ozone, Switch, DuotoneHydrofoil Foiling destinations and options in Carribean - resort style with non-kitersKitesurfing Great Kills kite surfer found dead along New Jersey coastlineFoil Kites HyperLink 7m vs Soul 6m - wave performance

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  • Guajiru
    Water: Shallow, Flat, Chop, Small wave
    Wind: July, August, September, October, November, December
  • Hoellviken
    Water: Shallow, Flat, Chop
    Wind: April, May, August, September, October
  • Ringenaes
    Water: Chop, Small wave, Medium wave, Big wave
    Wind: March, April, May, September, October, November
  • St. Pere Pescador
    Water: Flat, Chop, Small wave
    Wind: June, July, August, September