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by darippah
Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:22 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Foil kite line length for boosting
Replies: 5
Views: 908

Re: Foil kite line length for boosting

Kitemanmuc wrote:
Sun May 07, 2017 3:19 am
What is everyone favorite line length for boosting big on a foil kite? I have 15 and 19m lines for racing, but looking for a bar for boosting and airstyle.
Would 19m work as well as 24?
Hey did you ever get your answer on this?
by darippah
Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:22 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: No rapid evolution, great !
Replies: 17
Views: 2159

Re: No rapid evolution, great !

Yes I'd love a setup that can easily ride small swell from way way out with no power needed from kite. Tow in wavefoiling similar to Kai Lenny's new prone paddle-In foiling gig Wonder what major increase in wing span would do for catching small swell? Would need some evolution to minimize flex. Mast...
by darippah
Mon May 30, 2016 3:31 pm
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: Powered up!
Replies: 40
Views: 3247

Re: Powered up!

Same , I've been loving my 12m chrono with my Spotz 2 foil in upper teens. powered up for nice boost and intense riding
by darippah
Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:40 pm
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Newind Presents the Marlin Hydrofoil
Replies: 2
Views: 1319

Re: Newind Presents the Marlin Hydrofoil

been waiting for a split board foil

what is the price and where can we order?
by darippah
Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:16 am
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: The Future of Foilboards ?
Replies: 47
Views: 5350

Re: The Future of Foilboards ?

Yea I've been hydrofoiling for 2 years or so now and I kind of miss the simplicity and ease of use, and ease of jumping/ adrenaline of a twin tip, but also do not want to sacrifice upwind performance / speed / silence / etc of the foil. I'm sure there will be a new wave of foils available to cater t...
by darippah
Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:33 am
Forum: Hydrofoil
Topic: Best Foil/Board Combination for airtravel?
Replies: 19
Views: 4051

Re: Best Foil/Board Combination for airtravel?

George from delta can make you a custom split board for any foil. Not cheap but good for traveling often
by darippah
Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:28 am
Forum: Kitesurfing
Topic: The stoke yell.
Replies: 35
Views: 4333

Re: The stoke yell.

Love it. Quit the hate boys
by darippah
Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:17 am
Forum: Foil Kites
Topic: Liquid Force Elite foil
Replies: 43
Views: 9124

Re: Liquid Force Elite foil


Love to see more jump on the bandwagon
by darippah
Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:37 am
Forum: Flamer's Paradise
Topic: congratulations
Replies: 31
Views: 11211

Re: congradulations

14ToeSide wrote:I have asked SUPA to hit a Duece and a Qtr: 225 for the year. Waiting to hear.

What's crazy is he doesn't own a Foil kite or a Foil board. If he had those two Arrows in his Quiver he may approach the upper 200's.

FYI: none of his sesh's were in 2-4 either!
Waste of time :naughty:

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