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Tips and Tricks to Repair Kites - add your experience!

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Re: Tips and Tricks to Repair Kites - add your experience!

Postby toddsphresh » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:38 am

just wanted to share my latest valve repair success. i fly older 2008 flexifoil ion 3s. as you probably know the valves all needed to be replaced again. my 14.5 needed all new strut valves as well as le valves all the way around. Replacement valves are super expensive at around 15$ a piece times i would need 13 of them so around 200$ and this is assuming i get them all to take. i decided to try and make some newish 2013 new slingshot valves as they have entire strut sets available for 7$ on their website as well as le sets for the same price. i ordered one set of 13 m fuels struts and an le set as well. when i got them they looked like they would not fit as they are curved and skinnier than mine. they ended up expanding perfectly in all of my smaller struts buy my main middle strut they were too small for so i took the end of the le bladder and made a strut by simply tying a knot on one side if the last valve as well as on the the end of it and it worked flawlessly. For the other valves on the le bladder i just cut them off off the fuel le bladder and aquasealed them onto my le bladder. Now my kite holds air perfectly all for a total cost of 20$. just wanted to share this with anyone in a similar situation that has a solid older kite that just needs new valves but does not want to pay 150 + dollars to replace them on a kite thats barely worth 200$ but you still love it.

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