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Wainman Hawaii in Portugal

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:49 pm
Hello everyone, actual and future kite surfers!

Eagerly awaited, Wainman Hawaii is represented in Portugal.
GUSTYKITE is proud to introduce this brand that is already a reference among the most experience kite community because of it's ideal of simplicity and quality but mainly due to it's general performance. Answering to the actual quality demand from the market, GUSTYKITE has already available for purchase every sizes of the Rabbit Series.

The Rabbit Series have a huge wind range and, and unlike the majority, this model works effectively in all its wind range [/ u].
With a revolutionary design and full of functional features, each kite is designed individually and not just scaled to another size[/ u], this is the only way to ensure the best performance for each and every kite size.
All kites include several spare parts like a depower line, 2 chicken loops, bridle lines and trimming lines. Over all this, the amazing prints, and Wainman Hawaii is the only brand using them on both sides of the kite, making them even more pleasant for who's riding it.
___ +info Gypsy ______________________ +info Smoke _______________________ +info Boss

____ +info Rabbit Control System ______________________________ +info Blunt e Surfboard


Some curiosities!

Who's that legend, Lou Wainman?_______________________________Lou Wainman in Wainman Hawaii:

_ 2000/2001...:

_ Franz Olry, another guru involved on the R&D:

_ Shawn Richman, yet other guru addicted to Rabbits:

VĂ­deos oficiais :twisted:


Re: Wainman Hawaii in Portugal

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:56 pm
by dannyalvarez
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