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North Entity vs Nobile Footstraps?

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Re: North Entity vs Nobile Footstraps?

Postby oldkiter » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:53 am

Ludmil wrote:
oldkiter wrote:

There's a video on adjustabilities.
I guess you`re reffering my post ...pls., correct me if I`m wrong.
All boards shown on that video are with track system .I am describing what happens /taken from experience/ when dealing with Entity pads and inserts i.e boards without track system.

Mostly responding to the OP - about numerous ways to adjust. I would also assume some level of adjustment(s) would be lost on regular boards setups - but there should be still some with ducking and heelside/toeside because only one bolt on each side of pad - and adjustments to foot size, booties, etc should be OK.

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