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Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:57 pm
by Dr_Rosen
Anyone got info or experience with the TS2 ?

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:24 pm
by Dr_Rosen
I am especially interested in The UH part/uh freestyle
Eg comparison to flexifoil id or the RPM kind of type

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:37 pm
by john a
Hi! I´ve bin riding the TS V2 for some weeks now.
My main kite normally is the GP, so mostly freestyle and freeride on me.
The new TS is a lot better than last year. Seems more well balanced and well tuned. It´s some of the same feel that the V1 had, just better in every way. Fist when unpacking it you notice the double ripstop canopy and the improved and reinforced onepump system.
I can still do all my GP-tricks on the TS - no problem on anything. Last year it felt like it was a little less slack ,still nothing like the GP. But feels more tuned unhooked. Still have to pull in a little on depower when the back lines are on the second (middle) knot. I like it the most on B-setting/ slow setting. Just superstable unhooked on that setting. No problem keeping it still when going for a pass with the back hand still on the bar. I even got comments on the beach of how stable the kite seemed compared to other kites on the beach. And the guys that tried it also commented on the super stability and the great feel. It´s also a really fast kite, spesially on the fast setting.
The boost is amasing. Got some really big jumps on it when quite powered, but you never feel too powered since it´s such a rock solid kite! Have bin underpowered on it, and way overpowered. And it works like a dream no matter the conditions. And no matter what kind of riding I have bin doing, the kite behaved and performed well. So I´m really impressed by it this year. A lot more than last year! A good allrounder!
Still a light bar pressure but you still feel were the kite is I would say. comming from the GP it´s superlight hehe.
So all in all will still keep my GPs but will ride the TS a lot more this year!
The 15 is also the perfect light wind machine for me - makes me abel to unhook when others stuggle with their 12s. And what a boosting and air machine when the wind picks up.
But the 12 and smaller have a more playfull feel.

So works great for unhooking, but then again if thats your main thing, nothing beats the GP ;) More aggessive yes, but as pobably much depower as the 09 waroo I would say. And that explosive pop and insane slack you only get on a propper C ;)

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:02 pm
by dyyylan
Flew my friend's 8m for about an hour or so, it's a solid kite. After being used to C kites it def needs a little more attention and trimming but it's not as bad as something bow shaped. You do get a little surge of power when sheeting compared to a c kite. It is a bit backstally when fully powered up but again not bad and a little depower fixes it. relaunch is the same as any modern kite but in 8m wind you can pretty much relaunch a brick in under 5 seconds. bar pressure is light-medium on the lighter setting and medium-ish on the slow setting. nowhere near c kite bar pressure. turns fast...but again it was an 8.

bar is simple and clean. best's pull-pull depower system is still my favorite. the grip is nice.

the chicken loop is really annoying trying to hook back in. its not auto indexing so a good half the time i tried hooking back in it was turned sideways. could be because i had my leash clipped on the main line instead of the flag out ring thing, didnt really look at it that hard though.

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:17 am
by sleepymexi
John A, did you have a chance to fly the 12? If so, Is the TS2 12m faster than the 2012 TS 12m?

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:38 pm
by john a
Yeah bin spending quite some time on the 12 the lately. But I haven´t flown the 12 back to back with the last years model, and have tried to slow it down on slow setting most of the time ;) Way fast enought for me! But from what I remember it seems a bit faster yes on the A (fast) setting.
But also more stable and less moving on B(slow) setting.
No worries! If it´s not fast enough - hit the gym and start to work on the bar pull ;) hehe No manage to loop it around in all kind of sent tricks. So more than fast enough!
Even for freeride I keep my kites on slow setting so I´m pretty used to them beeing slow and having to pull the bar hard.
But putting the biggest bar on it will make it faster as well (I ride it with the 52 bar).

But I thought the kite was easier to keep still for unhooked than last year! :)

I agree it need a little tuning to find the way you like it, but I believe a lot of riders with love this one even with way different styles! :D
Would recomend to try it! But make sure it´s tunes slow vs fast - whatever you like! (also three knots to consider - unhooking - move it out, but middle is normally ok for allround riding - if you pull in the depower a bit for unhooking)

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:11 am
by dyyylan
Would like to update this thread since there isn't too much info to be had on these kites yet.

The wind wasn't quite strong enough for my 12m C-kite so I took my friend's 2013 15m TS out and was really pleased with the performance.

I had the medium bar, so it could have turned faster than it did, but I was plenty happy with the turning speed even without the big bar. the bar pressure is pretty light so it wasn't like turning a big heavy kite. If i got a quiver of these kites I would be happy with just 1 medium bar I think.

The wind range is really amazing, it was only on the middle knot, and had plenty of power for me to unhook around 12 knots. The wind dropped off to about 10 knots and I was only able to ride upwind (not enough for freestyle), but I think if I shortened the rear lines another knot it would give a bit more pull for it. There was no hint of backstall at all in those winds on the middle knot so I wouldn't be afraid to power it up.

So.. that's another thing, the kite didn't backstall at all even in those shitty winds, it just kept flying even when I didnt land a trick. sometimes in light wind if you aren't able to edge against your kite again before hooking back in the kite likes to fall back, but the big TS didnt do that

As far as the unhooked feel goes, I was REALLY impressed, it's the only bridled kite I've ever flown that felt exactly like a C kite with regards to being able to sheet in and load and pop without getting a weird surge of power if you dont trim every time. It just sat there and gave a steady pull. Maybe it was just the wind strength but it definitely surprised me

wind range I cant really comment on but the low end is something I'm going to need.. I'm probably going to pick one of these up for florida just because we get those 10-12 knot days a lot and I had enough power with the 15m TS that I'd be happy to ride

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:45 am
by Dr_Rosen
Any new experiences for freestyle etc?
Buying decision coming up :)

and what kites do you compare to?

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:07 pm
by sq225917
Dr Rosen.
You should really try and test one, it will make much more sense if you can feel it in your hands to draw your own comparison. The TS v2 is pretty fast and loose, it's stable unhooked, drifts easily and has a good tendency to hang above you on full depower if you drop it mid trick.

It's not a full on SLE kite in terms of feel at the bar, the feel is very close to the GP, just less aggressive and with a much broader sweetspot. Compared to the GP it is quite a forgiving kite, it's very stable in gusts hooked or unhooked and won't yank you hard like an unhooked C-kite will in a gust.

For jumping it doesn't require your timing to be super tight, it has good pop for low level tricks, goes straight over the top when you send it big and gives you very good float. A lot of the team riders swap back and forth between the GP and the TS so it seems pretty interchangeable which i guess is a good sign.

You have a pm.

Re: Best TS2 comments ?

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:10 am
by Dr_Rosen
I got the TS2 i 9 and 12m for starters :D
I was out yesterday with the 9m. Besides from the fact that it was only 5 degree celcius and there were still a little ice left in the water from the previous even colder days, it was a fantastic day :thumb:
Great kite. I am very happy with my purchase. Coming from F-One Bandit5 I find it more suitable for unhooked stuff as it does have a little more line slack when landing.
the 9m was very fast and direct on the bar.

Good kite choice for me for sure. the best in many year´s if not ever