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Olympics say no to kitesurfing.. a lesson for the "industry"

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Re: Olympics say no to kitesurfing.. a lesson for the "indus

Postby Aummm » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:45 pm

flyingweasel wrote: Mid life crisis Fred. Why not get a Harley and the full collection of Steven Segal movies and imagine you are him!

You are a disgrace and your imagination about paraplegics, hookers and furries is shamefull !!

You don`t have the first idea of what risk is and how it relates to reward(financial)

Put a sock in it and take your impotence elsewhere.
@Whiz, why do you like to ignore the truth what these undisciplined people created
what Fred is listing :?:


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Re: Olympics say no to kitesurfing.. a lesson for the "indus

Postby chemosavi » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:31 am

In addition to kiters in shallow water without helmets, far as I can tell, Fred also doesn't like surfers, golfers, fishermen, and kiteboards with extreme graphics. And also tubes when he was using foils.

But I'll bet you anything if you were in a bad way in the water he would do his best to help you out.

Just another boob with grudges; like the rest of us only more extreme perhaps and with less irony and ability to look at things from someone else's perspective.

Rant on.

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