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North Evo 2012 vs. Nobile T5 2013

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North Evo 2012 vs. Nobile T5 2013

Postby pre » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:05 pm


I need some help with buying a kite (secondhand).
I'm choosing between North Evo 2012 and Nobile T5 2013. They both have the same price.
North Evo is more used (but still in good conditions) than Nobile T5.
Please, give me some advice what to buy.
I'm beginner. I have done the advance course and I drive pretty good, but still have some troubles with water relaunch, specially in deep water. So, I would like to have kite with good water relaunch and good depower. As I read, both kites have good water relaunch and depower.

Sorry for my english :)
Thank you for your answers! :)

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Re: North Evo 2012 vs. Nobile T5 2013

Postby Burn45 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 2:28 am

I dont know about nobile, but i own 2012 evos and my girlfriend is learning on them. Relaunch are very easy... Just pull a back line and its up aggain. Lots of low end, stable, strong constrution, versatile, and good from begginers to experts. Not the best kite to go up wind, but not the worst. Hope it helps. Im not english too. Good luck!

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Re: North Evo 2012 vs. Nobile T5 2013

Postby flipper231 » Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:29 am

I currently ride T5's and a 50-fifty,nI have owned an Evo in the past. North is more expensive to start with. The t5 has a huge range. Great low-end, you can take 4 knots on the front lines to get to its top end. Drifts better than the Evo so it will keep flying longer than the Evo if you slack the flying lines before it falls out of the sky. The T5 goes upwind likeva charm, not super fast through the window so it is easy to keep in the window. Great hangtime, excelent kite to progress.

The evo is a great kite also, but with 5 struts, it packs bigger which is important when you travel. The Evo has more bar pressure so a better positional feedback (you get used to either).

The north is best known, T5 is a sweet hidden gem. The T5 flags fully, yhe Evo rests on the wingtip when released. North bar is cleaner with a clamcleat.

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