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Core Riot XR2 LW 15 report from Egypt

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:02 pm
by pmaggie
Hi everybody, I've spent a week in Marsa Alam and I eventually tested my Riot XR2 LW15. I bought it in september but, till last week, I couldn't test it as I desired before reporting to the forum.
The wind in Marsa was quite light for the entire week with the exception of one day (I pumped my 11 that day), so I had 5 sessions with the 15 LW.
The first impression, in comparison with my "old" XR1 17, is that this new kite is designed to have a less "train-like" pull. Power delivery is more gentle and progressive, I never had the sensation to be pulled hardly in gusts. This does not mean the kite is not powerful, I was going upwind full power in 10 knots. It means I didn't have the sensation of being pulled by a truck (that is the reason I switched to the 15!). In 9 to 12 knots I used the 3 mts line extensions and the standard 2nd knot setting (back lines). I also used a big light wind board when it was really light. In "normal" 10 knots, I rode my 134x40 TT.. One day it was blowing 12 to 16 and I decided to rig the kite without the extensions at the first knot on the back lines. What a different riding guys!! With this setting, the 15 is a real freeride machine in the 12-20 knots range!
About speed, the Riot is very impressive: it's fast and responsive, especially without the extensions. With this setting, I could barely notice the difference in comparison with a normal 12.
Final judgement: a perfect freeride kite for the 10-20 knts range. Not a real light wind machine (there are also the 17 and the 19 if you really need power) but a very versatile kite with a big range, capable to transform itself from a light wind weapon to a (quite) fast freeride.
Quality good as usual, QR simple and easy to operate once you get used to the "turn to operate" system.

Re: Core Riot XR2 LW 15 report from Egypt

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:59 pm
by robertovillate
Cool, I was wondering if you ever had a chance to fly the 15 xr2LW in proper wind. I'm not surprised by your comments. The kite does have a nice feel - light, but very powerful, responsive and efficient - yet it will handle a good load of wind too. And the self-launch/water relaunch/self-land is super easy for a kite this size. And the more you fly it the better it gets!

I was recently using the kite in Ireland in some decent waves, light side-off conditions...lots of guys saying "ye can't kite waves with a big kite like that" me.... :)