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Re: Switch Kites - MJ Comp

Postby Hansen Design » Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:42 am

Hi CJ:
As you know, Switch is a small company run by an equally small group of dedicated watersports enthusiasts. The mission is internet-based high performance products sold at a favorable price direct to consumers - many who do not have a reliable and competent well-stocked local full-service dealer. Clearly it is important to have an efficient system so inventories may occasionally run low on specific popular or newly-produced items. But, I respectfully submit that the Switch spare parts selection is not only among the most extensive but also priced using the same formula as the other Switch products making them extremely popular and as you say, 'a good value.' :thumb:
C Johnson wrote:If I had to guess, I'd say switch is charging what people are willing to pay. Normal business practice. Why give shit away for cheap
when people are willing to pay market price? When I was flying switch kites I saw their parts inventory was out of stock most of the time. Which tells me they either had production problems or they priced their product too low and it sold faster then they expected. Switch is a good value. Unfortunately their model doesn't help local businesses.
Hi Johnny:
Switch will definitely not 'go the way of Best.' Just not what the people at Switch are about :thumb: :thumb:
Johnny Rotten wrote:Not hating on the brand, I'll probably end up buying most of my new kits from them if they keep their prices down and don't go the way of best. Just disappointed the one thing I really need now, isn't priced terribly well. @ 80 bucks, I'd order 3 pairs.

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