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Which Kite bars have the most throw

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Re: Which Kite bars have the most throw

Postby Telekiter » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:28 am

Peter_Frank wrote:
Agree - I use my bar setup exactly the same way when on a TT, for getting major lift/hangtime in jumps.

And in waves, I also like to be able to deliberately oversheet my kites, so I can "put" the kite deeper in the window if I want.
And even more important - so I can control the kite when leaned far forward in a deep laydown bottom turn :thumb:

I almost never like to ride with the bar fully pulled towards me (only when going upwind maybe) - but I love to have LOTS of bar throw away from me :wink:

The last years most brands have shortened the throw - which most riders like I assume, but I hate it :roll:

:D Peter
Then you would love my DIY-version of the Zeeko UDS-bar. I made the whole system even longer than the original. Mine is about 2 m total length fully powered.


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