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Are Switch kites getting any better?

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Re: Are Switch kites getting any better?

Postby kitesrfr » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:45 am

Hi kiters. Recently got couple of element 6 and thought I'd write a review thinking it maybe useful as I was also looking for feedback prior getting them :P

About me: Height: 5’7” | Weight: 64kgs | Style: Strapless surfboard 5”0 x 19 7/8 x 2… wave riding/surf freestyle

Currently owns both Element5 (5,7 & 8m) and Element6 (4,5,6 & 7m). At the moment, my son uses the Element5 and I use the Element6.

Overall 5/5 Stars: Switch delivered another great product, surpassing the previous similar range. I am very excited and greatly satisfied with Element6. Highly recommend the E6 in sizes I tried.

Performance: WOW! The E6 is a significant design change and feels completely different to the E5. It’s incredible how much fun it is to fly. I just love it.

Comparing the new E6 to the E5, I can say the E6 is more stable and offers better boost/lift when jumping. I tested all kites beyond their wind range in gusty but also constant winds and I was impressed with the new Element6 for its stability and drift capability. To be honest, super stoked.

Wave riding performance sees an improvement against the E5, making it much more enjoyable to ride but also allows the rider to forget about the kite while riding the wave.

Turning speed for similar sizes feels marginally slower than the E5 – but this can be adjusted via the several settings available both on the kite and lines. In all honesty, I think the overall design and considerations into making this kite offers the best one can wish for.

Build: I am totally blinded by the vibrant bright orange and green/yellow colours. The E6 stands out of the crowds - they are beautiful to see.

The construction follows Switch good reputation and uses the best & most robust material in the industry. Comparing this model to the competition – I personally find the Switch better constructed. I never had any issues and safe to say I am an extensive user (waves and many hours of riding). I am not seeing any issues coming on that side to be honest but thought I would mention it.

The 4 and 5m are a single strut and the 6m and 7m are on 5 struts. I am not sure why this is and to be honest thought about it for a while trying to understand the engineering behind it. I stop worrying about it as both the 1 and 5 struts actually work perfectly.

Bar: I have the shortest one and it is very simple, super light and convenient.  The depower line to chicken loop sees a plastic tube protecting the line which will increase the lifespan of your line/bar – this appears to be standard OEM now and glad Switch adopted similar design.

Why a 4, 5, 6 and 7 (you might ask)

It is not required but it is a great combo if you want to get technical!

We are blessed by strong 35+ knots winds several times per year where we live. Being small and lightweight riding a surfboard, 5 meters kite is often too much as I hit the limit. For the last few years, I hoped to get a 4m for those reasons. Had the opportunity to try the 4m couple of times already and it is a very exciting kite. I am looking forward to get on the Foil and use the 4m…
Love each one but if I had to pick 2 – the 5m and 6m are my preferred ones – they are quick. (probably says a lot about the wind range I prefer ;-)

What I experienced, as a guide – know there might be some refining on the thresholds
7m: is my light wind kite – used it in 14knots – 19knots
6m: is my new 7m – used it in 18knots to – 25knots
5m: is 22 knots – 30knots
4m: 28m - ++ brown pants knots

Hope you find this review helpful – you’ll see me ridding these wave machines for a while now…

Using the element 6 6m
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Re: Are Switch kites getting any better?

Postby fluidity » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:17 am

I swapped my Legacy V2 12 meters kite with a local guy (Nico)'s new Element V6 12 meters kite for about 30 minutes.
I had about 50mm pulled on his depower.
Compared with a nitro or legacy: More low down power.
Boosting: Very easy to go insanely high, like the Nitro but with a bit more air time. Felt like it needed a more committed steer in the air but was putting a big smile on my face.
I tried full depower to see how it handled: Seemed to me that I could steer it fine at full depower without the kite wanting to instantly power up. This is critical for realising the full range of a kite, I'd say it's the return of pulleys to Switch kite bridles which is making the E6 steer well under high depower.
Nice kite, a jumping machine.!
The local guy liked the Legacy too, it's stability especially.

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