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North Introduce The Foil Kite Ace

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:28 am
by Toby
North News:

North Introduce The Foil Kite Ace

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Sizes: 8.5 / 11.5 / 14.5 / 17.5

- Unique upwind and downwind riding characteristics
- Fast, direct turning and powerful lift
- Outstanding hangtime
- Ultra lightweight and long-lasting materials
- Huge wind range
- Massive depower
- Easy water relaunch, individual chambers stay inflated
- Only to be used with the Trust Bar Foil

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The ACE is a new light wind foil kite for intermediate to advanced riders who value performance above all else. Developed alongside some of the best hydrofoil racers in the world the kite offers some unique characteristics. The ACE is extremely lightweight and uses some unique and exceedingly durable materials. It has a huge wind range with massive depower and offers unrivalled hangtime; it can be ridden with a twin tip for freeride riding or with a hydrofoil for both racing and freeriding. It provides immense amounts of lift, making foiling, tacks, gybes and tricks easy. The pure foil sensation.

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