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Looking for Collegues Brazil Downwind Safari November 2018

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Looking for Collegues Brazil Downwind Safari November 2018

Postby zorroBBB » Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:21 pm

Hey Folks,
I am looking for anyone around the globe to accompany me on a downwinder from Brazil / Rio Grande do Norte up north to Brazil / Ceara.
Date around 7th November 2018; Minimum 14 days. Group: up to five kiters. Starting point for me will be Barra de Cunhau / Rio Grande do Norte.
I speak a decent Portuguese and have been visiting Brazil since 2007. Part of my family lives near Recife.
I don't like partying hard anymore- I am more the quiet type now, who goes for some beers in a bar and then goes to sleep around midnight.
I like fishing a lot, too. Sometimes I go fishing around 3 or 4 o clock in the morning with the local fishermen.
I plan to take it easy on the downwinder, about 30 - 40 km each downwinder. I prefer slow cruising in order to take in my surroundings. Depending on mood, weather conditions and landscape.
I don't like rushing down- speeding down a downwinder in order to show off on Facebook that you did 1000 km in 10 days! I don't get along with this type of people.
If the hostel/ pousada/ spot is nice I intend to stay 2 nights at each spot. Otherwise just for the night. I won't make any reservations. At this time of a year we won't need to make reservations and we'll be able to find a decent pousada easily and spontaneously.
I don't necessarily need to visit spots like Cumbuco. I am rather searching for more deserted spots on the way.
If possible, I would like to take a small inflatable boat and a 15 horse power motor with me. Boot in between 3-4 meters length.
Feel free to contact me if you think we'll get along fine. I'd rather speak to you on the phone than responding to Emails. You'll get my Nr. in the process.
Take care and best regards

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