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Kiting & Wilderness Medicine CME In OBX

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:52 am
by RickI
For doctors, nurses, paramedics, PAs, or anyone interested in wilderness and travel medicine. ... n-its-not/

This looks like both an excellent an intriguing program covering a wide variety of wilderness medicine topics.

"16 Hours of Class I CME will be chosen from the following topics:

Introduction to Wilderness Medicine
Safety in the Marine Environment: Safety Pause
International Travel
Drowning Prevention and Treatment
Watersports, Safety/Survival
Trauma: Pain Management
Medical Kits
Marine Envenomations – those that sting!
Neurological Issues in a Marine Environment
Trauma: patient packaging
Heat Illness
Predators of the Sea
Risk and Responsibility
Breath-hold and free diving physiology
Legal Case Studies
Survival on Land and Sea
Water Purification for Austere Locations " ... n-its-not/

Several of these topics have been touched upon in the past on here related to kiting, diving and other types of marine accidents. It is good stuff to know in short. Have to like their approach to seminar scheduling, wind on = kiting, wind off = learning!