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Hua Hin - Used gear market

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Hua Hin - Used gear market

Postby aolive » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:31 pm

My wife and I are headed to Hua Hin, Thailand in February. We are faced with the question of do we travel light and rent gear or bring gear with us. When we went to Brazil we brought our gear and sold it the day we left. Is there a good slightly used market in Thailand? Not sure what the imports are like and if kites are super expensive or certain brands are really hard to get. We would be happy buying new gear, using it on our trip and then selling it to someone or to a school/business if they wanted. Not looking to make money, but if it helped pay for our trip a bit we would be into that.

What's the used market like in Thailand?
Are there many buyers?
Is it worth the hassle or just rent on the days we want to kite?


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