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Claudio Fighting Hard to Recovery ... and looking good!

Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 9:10 pm
by RickI
Karen of and Ariel recently had double header Birthday Party and Claudio catered the music as DJ. I had a chance to speak with Claudio and was impressed with his upbeat attitude and progress since his kiteboarding accident.

Claudio and his good friend Oliver, at the controls ...

The Birthday Girls get down with Ariel on the left and Karen on the right.

Dealing with physical theraphy, pain, medication and the sudden dawning of paralysis in your lower legs would shake anyone's world, in some cases to shambles and depression. Not in Claudio's case however. He told me "It is never easy to go through this situation but I have very litte option other than fighting hard on the way to recovery." Well, believe it! He is continuing to heal and we are all looking forward to the day when he stands up and walks away from the wheel chair forever!!!

A great time was had by all as Claudio pumped out choice tunes throughout.

Claudio isn't taking things laying down throughout this traumatic event and aftermath. He is productively engaged in several computer based projects. Claudio is a very talented computer systems manager and programer.

He is working on:

Image provides info about treatment options and maintaining well being for people in general and specially those recovering from injuries.

Regarding the music he has another project, which will be dedicated to recording of CD Compilations.


Claudio gave the DJ'ing to Karen as her birthday gift. Claudio's talents mixing unique and dynamic music compilations are very well known among Miami kiteboarders and are held in strong regard. If someone needs the service he woudl be happy to help out. If you are interested please contact


Claudio recently finished a kiteboarding videography project, "Soulsesh" that should be available in DVD soon with a teaser online available at: . Checkout the tunes that go with the video track, solid stuff!

Claudio captured Andre Phillip at Islamorada in his Color Photo Gallery

Claudio has an intriguing B&W Photo Gallery on the website that is worth checking out.

Still partying


If you would like to get in touch with Claudio regarding any of these projects or just to say hi, use .

We are really stoked to see the solid progress you have made Claudio. Keep at it, we're all pulling for you!



Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:47 pm
by RickI
Claudio, at about 180 lbs. was out riding for about 15 to 20 minutes with a 12 m Inflatable kite around midday on New Years Eve. Wind was almost onshore at an average speed of about 20 mph and gusting between approximately 15 to 25 mph by one source. Wind speed observations are still being researched. He may have performed a small transition jump nearshore to change direction when he was caught by a gust and blown from the water while in mid air, on to shore. He fell on impact and tumbled forward apparently inducing a kite loop that pulled him inland. As he moved futher inland the kite started to rise to the zenith. At about this time he came up to a dead tree, his kite lines may have been guided by the branches of this dead tree as he was pulled upward into the tree. He was momentarily caught in the tree with his kite flying overhead. Another kiteloop may have ensued launching him up through and out of the approximate 35 ft. high tree. He then passed behind cover of brush as he left the tree blocking the view of one observer. He was found shortly after this by another kiteboarder on the ground. Claudio may have moved following the impact, in the mind numbing shock of the accident, potentially aggravating his injuries. The entire accident was estimated to have happened within a 15 second interval. Emergency services were called and he was taken to a hospital. Additional details will be included in the summary once the available information has been collected and evaluated.

Remember in kiteboarding, distance is your friend. Many kiteboarders frequently ride near shore despite this simple fact. Sometimes bad things happen and a good buffer zone can be a God Sent in potentially sparing you from serious injury.

Claudio was severely injured for only doing what many other riders routinely do and may likely be seen doing at many launches next weekend. That doesn't make it advisable or safe however. This is a good time to reevaluate how you ride. More ideas along those lines appear HERE

Ideas about possible ways of avoiding this accident and several other recent severe kiteboarding accidents worldwide, appear at: HERE

Claudio was hospitalized with:

- Paralysis in both legs below the knee
- A broken back
- A skull fracture
- 6 broken ribs among other injuries.

He regained consciousness after about two weeks and had his respiration tube removed after about 18 days in hospital. He has some sensation below his knee but no independent leg movement as of yet. He has rebuilt his life working ongood works for others and is forging ahead..