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Demon Ruhm And Da Big Stick

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:17 am
by RickI
I heard a couple of stories over the weekend in the Keys. They involved two separate well experienced women kiters and launch screwups. One lady accidentally stalled her kite and was yarded inland at speed. Fortunately her travel inland was cushioned when she slammed into the side of a wooden structure. She was very lucky in only sustaining some major bruising down her side. I understand in doing an assisted launch for a guy, she released his kite prematurely sending it into a tree. She admitted to having been drinking and it messed up her coordination for kiting.

Another lady stalled her kite under similar circumstances was lofted about six feet up and bounced in very shallow water over a rocky beach. She fortunately escaped injury entirely. She had been drinking as well messing up her reactions somewhat.

This launch can suffer dirty wind from a land mass in the distance, it can be congested and technical. The last thing you want to do is blunt your reactions and dumb down your senses with the sauce. You can have your ruhm but you may also take a good wack at yourself with da big stick as a consequence.

Save the booze for after the session otherwise you might be off it for a while in the ER, perhaps even longer if you really screw the pooch. Then there are others to think about who may get slammed as a result of your tipple. Luck doesn't last forever, use your noodle and a bit of restraint instead.