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Strap angle - boost your TT for wave kiting!

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Strap angle - boost your TT for wave kiting!

Postby henningsurf » Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:23 am

Besides board shape and size the flexibility in stance on TT boards has a major impact on your riding.
You need movement to distribute your weight for each jump, bottom turn and cut back.
2 main possibilities for movement: your ankles and knees twist or your "wide strap" allows the feet to twist and slide on the pads.

Imagine you had a strap that fits your foot with strong side support and the strap/pads could twist instead of your foot/knee? => that's comfort and you can stay inside the strap.

The new dedicated TT version of the "rotating straps" benefits with this comfort.
Improved weight distribution to keep your board's nose up while riding, due to a parallel feet stance.
This little winter session GoPro vid in Denmark shows how it works on the water.

Different straps will fit on the system, so whether you ride thick boots or bare feet you can find your setup.

w concept-X TTstrap.jpg

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