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Re: light wind kite size

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:30 am
by naishdude
Tien wrote:Hi,
I have a kite size problem related to my weight!
I'm not sure which kite size to get for my 64 kilos for light wind(5 to 8 knt condition),
I'm not sure if its adecuate for me an 18 or a 16 rrd addiction!
Could you kite races give me a bit of help?
Dear Tien,

First to answer your question with a question, are you planning to go into racing or free race cruising?
64 kg, if you are serious about the 5 knots....not a lot of kites will stay in the air, the only one l can think of is a Flysurfer 21m...not only to stay hanging in the air, but also to have a ''chance'' to restart it from the water.
I myself have 80 kg, have a semi raceboard( sector 60) and my biggest kite is a 14m, which gets me going in about at minimum 8 knts with a very sensitive hand.
A 14m SWITCHKITES NITRO would be more than enough for you.
If you can live with going out in 7 knots have a look at the Switchkites NITRO 16
The price , quality,performances are right, you will have a lot of Fun, but not in 5 knots...not one tubekite will deliver this (the fun l mean)
All the other brands will have a very high price, for a narrow field, ever had a 19/18 m tubekite in your hand? Not to mention the pumping?

If you are not into racing, do not kill yourself, with 18/19m tubekites, if you persist in 5knots...flysurfer 21m but never forhet at 64kg and a raceboard the fun will Be over in no time once the wind picks up a few knots.

Hope this helps a bit
Having a look here...will never hurt:

Dude :cool2:

Re: light wind kite size

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:57 pm
by SupaEZ
davesails7 wrote:
I never say to myself "I wish I had a smaller kite" when I'm out in less than 10 knots of wind!
Very well said....if a manufacturer offers a large size in their LW line up...i always go for the largest

I have owned the SP3 21....and Dyno 18...but for my LW surf riding...Riot XR2LW 19 is the ticket

I do not go out in 5 kn...or in 6kn.. :nono: or in 7 kn (sining)....the FUN starts at 8kn....i am 75kg

Same goes for my wife at same conditions 8kn...with the XR2LW 17 Riot from Core

By the way those 2 kites will fly in 5 or 6 knots...are made of lightweight materials..and EZ to pump

They only need 6 PSI..they barely take any more time to pump that a 12 for me and a 10 for her

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Re: light wind kite size

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:32 pm
by Billy B.
davesails7 wrote:Making the kite flat and high aspect ratio makes it more efficient. When the kite is really long and skinny though, you need more struts to support all that length of canopy. Adding the extra struts does add some weight.

The ozone edge has always been 5 strut even though they are high aspect ratio. The new Dyno LTD and Crossbows have gone from 7 struts to 5 struts, I'm guessing to reduce weight. How did they come up with a way to counter act the large unsupported spans of the canopy? Or have they gone to a slightly lower aspect ratio?

The ozone edge was 7 strut in till 2011.. Aspect ratios are the same, but the fabric is " trimmed"perfect now.. Same with dyno and rrd...