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Depower question

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Re: Depower question

Postby davesails7 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:38 pm

lander wrote:
KristianE wrote:Is it impossible to get a suitable double block for the upper part of a 4:1 setup?
I use a double block on the upper and is happy with this...(also tried the 3:1 but still thought is was too little ratio, and did not make the trimming as easy as I want it).
I'll have to try that out. I thought a non-cascading 4:1 system would get tangled. I only thought that because I didn't see anyone else using it.

Your's doesn't get tangled or twisted?

I might go to a 3:1 first though. The crazy amount of line hanging when depowered with the 4:1 is annoying.

Are others putting knots in their end of the depower lines (for grip where you hold it)? I had knots in the end of the line at first but it made it difficult to untangle the line when it got wrapped around the bar after looping the kite.

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