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Luederitz Speed Challenge 2015

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Luederitz Speed Challenge 2015

Postby Toby » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:01 pm

Luederitz Speed Challenge 2015

VIDEO - Trailer 2015:

To date, the LÜDERITZ SPEED CHALLENGE has produced an unbelievable12 World and 75 National Windsurfing and Kite Surfing speed records! This now infamous annual event takes place in LÜDERITZ (southern Namibia) in the middle of the Namib Desert. Founder & organiser of the event and the first person ever to achieve 50 & 55knots, Sébastien Cattelan (France), is the brainchild behind the specially made *very fast* channel which now attracts the best Kite surfers and Windsurfers in the world. The 2015 event will start on the 5th October and will continue until the 15th of November.

This inspiring artificial 1km long channel is located in the natural Lüderitz Second Lagoon located just a few kilometers from Lüderitz town in the middle of the Namib Desert. The 2015 event has attracted 40 top riders from 14 different Nationalities and each will attempt to break National & World Records. At the very least, many PBs will be beaten during these 6 weeks!

The current world speed record holder in Windsurfing, Antoine Albeau (France) achieved an astonishingly fast 52.05 knots/96.4 kph average speed over the official 500m run at the 2012 event. Antoine will once again do his best to keep his world title and push the limits even further. This will not be easy when facing the other highly accomplished windsurfers!

Italian Record holder Patrik Diethelm, winner of the 2014 event, came just within .9 knots of the world record. Anders Bringdal (Swedish Record holder), a legend in the Windsurfing community, is another strong contender – Anders is currently second fastest in the world with 51.45 knots.

Women will also be well represented with the previous World Record holder, Swiss Windsurfer Karin Jaggi, who will try to regain her title from fellow country-woman, Heidi Ulrich.

Sébastien Cattelan (France) twice World record holder in Kite surfing will also be competing. He will undoubtedly go for the world record in Kite surfing (56.62 knots) but he will face stiff opposition from other very fast riders such as Sébastien Salerno and Sylvain Hoceini both from France.

The very best in Windsurfing and Kite surfing from Germany, the United Kingdom, Namibia, South Africa, France, Serbia, Belgium, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia, Fiji, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy will all be competing during these 6 weeks and this year’s event is destined to produce even more astonishing speeds and records!

Here is to very strong winds at the channel in LÜDERITZ, Namibia!
présentation riders.jpg

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