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Small kites jump higher? Nope!

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Re: Small kites jump higher? Nope!

Postby ed257 » Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:12 am

TheJoe wrote:
ed257 wrote:My large kite jumping technique with large kites must be off. I can jump really well with a 10, pretty good with a 12, but with my 14 not so well.

I find the timing is different on each of these kites.

With the 10 I send and carve upwind at about the same time.

With the 12 I initiate sending kite then immediately carve up wind.

With the 14, I send the kite, then after a second or so delay carve up wind. If I carve too early the kite has not cleared 12 before my board speed and line tensions decrease.

Any suggestions for going bigger on large kites?


Try not sending the kite but have it parked high to begin with. Ride over powered a bit get some speed up and just edge hard and pop with a little tug of the back hand. It works really well on my 13m Fuel. If I try to send it I usually just pendulum under the kite and get about half the height.

To be honest I only do big air when the wind is to crazy to try freestyle so my advice might not be the best.
I think that your technique will work well when really powered up. When less powered I think I am stuck having to use my technique.

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