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BEST Kiteboarding Golden Ticket Promo

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:52 am
by LTD WaterSports
You waited all session for the time to come when deep discounts would be applied to 2015 Kite gear! Heres a great way to get some 2015 Best Kiteboarding gear upto 35% off. All lifetime warranty's still apply and we will facilitate the entire process for you.

LTD WaterSports approach is slightly different then others participating in the Golden Ticket. We will take care of the purchasing of the tickets for you. No need to wait just call us today and speak with a kite pro.

Shop: 850-460-7960

or visit the website for more detailed information if your in the market for new gear! Package deals are available through phone orders only.

Web Link --- ... ket-promo/

Thanks for the great year and all the support! Sign up for our news letter and save a extra 10% on everything else!

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