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Moses 2018

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Local Beach: Newbrighton near Liverpool, Newbrough Anglesey Wales
Favorite Beaches: Flag beach for the Foil, Rhosniger for the twintip.
Style: Wannabe fast foiler.
Gear: Moses T60 Carbon board,91cm and 101cm Carbon foils.
325/330 Stabs. Both fuses.
Wings- 590/550/548,
Fone bandits- 7-8-9-12 /15mtr Breeze /12 Ozone Reo /9mtr Ozone Hyper link.
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Re: Moses 2018

Postby Foil » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:55 am

Today was just too light again for my 15 MTR tube kite at flag beach, wind was around 7 knts, all the top foilers were out on foil kites of 19-21mtr.
and it came to my notice that one of the guys I had been watching out there and thinking wow he is good, is none other than Florian Gruber, the German one time world champion, who is ranked number 4 in the world right now.
With the winds being so light I was just a spectator but enjoyed the day watching and learning, all the guys at times did drop thier kites as the conditions were so light.
At times, some had to spend a long time in the water wrestling with thier kites to get them back off the water, but to my amazement they all did, even one guy who had to swim to both ends of his 19mtr to untangle a totally screwed up kite end mess, it took him ages to sort it but he kept at it and after 20.minutes of hard work he did get it back in the air, good to see Gunner out there on his race gear and facing off his Ozone race kite against the new Flysurfer race kites, the speeds did look mighty impressive from both brands.
Winds are more favourable from now on with stiff winds forecast for the next 7days, so my new 9mtr Ozone Hyper Link should get a good tryout. No dought Gunner will be out on his 19mtr, breaking speed records whilst I wobble around.

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Re: Moses 2018

Postby evan » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:30 am

pstkk wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:48 pm
gmb13 wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:24 pm
The problem is, that it looks likle Moses will not be allowed to register it for Formula Kite events.

If possible, could you please elaborate on this if you know more?

I thought the release was just too late for the registration last year, and that it would be included for this season.
This is what Gunnar posted of FB:
Important to note is that the "Formula Kite Limited One Design" HydroFoil and Kite models will be chosen from the registered equipment after May 1st. This equipment is the only equipment that can be used in Formula Kite events at the 2018 Central American & Caribbean Games, the 2019 PanAmerican Games, and the 2020 Olympic Games (subject to final confirmation) and their qualification events.

Any other equipment, including newly registered equipment for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 cycle, remains eligible for any other Formula Kite events that are not listed above. After the 2020 Olympic Games new "Formula Kite Limited One Design" equipment will be selected.
Confusion comes from the "Formula Kite Limited One Design" (Olympic format?) and the normal annual registered "Formula Kite". Moses should be able to register their 2018 foils for the latter unless I missed someting.

Registration is (I think) to differentiate between production and prototype kites and foils, weird that Mikes Lab is considered production with his limited number of foils produced per year.

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