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beginner foil

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Re: beginner foil

Postby SolarSet » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:05 pm

Foil wrote:
Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:14 pm
Some guys claim they have foiled if they get up on the foil,
However, that can be misleading,
getting up and in some sort of control would take some water time,
Up and in control of your height over 100 MTRS might take 10 hours or 20 hours, or some people might never get it, it happens!
Up on a tall mast holding a steady height and able to S turn over long distances may take 20 hours or 40, some might take even longer,
Up and flying high downwind and high upwind on most water states and having success in flying gybes may take 40 hrs or many many more hours, some guys even after 3 years haven't cracked a flying gybe, but many more crack it around the 12 month mark.
Everyone is different, but have realistic expectations based on true averages, your ability agility and resolve to succeed, and give yourself an advantage over the average by buying above average user friendly newbie gear.
Can you clarify from the above if I understand correct, better foil (than Shinn P) will allow faster & easier progress of the above skills? When do you think shinn will start to hold beginner back just after riding 100mts? Making easy turns should be achievable on beginner foil? I met person foil over a year who couldn't turn... I'm would not like to be in that position as losing board in deep water is not fun unless necessary.

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Re: beginner foil

Postby Craz Z » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:42 pm

I'd say Foil has it about right.

Everyones learning curve will be different if your a newer kiter with limited directional experience and soso kite skills the learning curve will be like climbing mount everest. I was told over and over how hard it was how weird it is and how bad the crashes are. Which dont get me wrong they were right, but nowhere near as difficult as it sounds again depending on your previous skillset.

I'd personally start out cheap and see if you even like it. Its one of those things you have to dedicate ALL OF YOUR Time to if you want to get past that i rode a foil for a 100meters thing. I too have kicked all of my boards to the curb i keep a surfboard around just in case but still haven't touched it.

Then if at all possible start demoing or asking kite friends that have nicer setups if there is any way you can try their setups.

Get hooks skip the straps. they made them just for foiling. best money spent no matter how many you break.

If you want to skip a bunch of steps and get a long lasting progressing setup just go all out and get a carbon setup and buy the different sets of wings and be done with it. I know a guy that kinda started on the hoverglide and after the very short window of learning to stay up went right for the ghost whisperer and is killing it on his progression.

I learned on the full mast and would still recommend it to anyone. the short masts looks like a waste of time to me constantly breaching and losing lift and giving you some short rides but never the full on experience of foiling. I do see the idea behind them helping the curve, but still glad i skipped em. they will also limit you to lighter winds with no swell which does add more layers of difficulty but slows progression even more.

These toys are expensive and everyone wants whats considered "the best" but its kinda like kiting you start on shitty gear and work your way up to the best.

I tell anyone interested that you get 2 things with every foil purchase at least 2 free kites and unlimted i mean unlimited time on the water with NO consideration of where your at upwind or down wind as in one tack you can recover from a mile of downwinding.

I wouldn't consider using a foil kite ever until your highly proficient and live in a smooth wind area they are completely worthless in super gusty conditions. stick to what you know dont add to many layers or your curve will get steeper and steeper trying to many new things.

Have fun and get ready for the ride of your life single handidly the best thing I ever got into in kiting so far.

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Re: beginner foil

Postby K-Roy » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:20 pm

I think this the Fone foil and board is a nice beginner setup.
The new 850 composite front wing is user friendly,
but still fun to use.
You can get any mast length and since its aluminium, it will not set you back to much if you like to upgrade it.
The board is well built, for the early learning punishments.
have fun!
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Re: beginner foil

Postby nayy » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:08 pm

Hey all,

Tanks for the input...

This weekend I tested the IC6 north on a 90 cm mast, and the north speedster on the 60 cm mast... kite was 9m² in 13-17 knots.

I never foiled before, but I have some years of strapless kiting on skim and waveboard.

First test was the IC6... i had a fight for 1.5h and after that I managed to get on the board en surf for 50 m without flying... i was really hard, just felt like a complete beginner... this board had an untamed mustang underneath that can kick you of at any moment... it threw me of violently in all directions...

After that I tested the north speedster on short mast... it was like I foiled my whole life... it was so easy... I was able to fly after 50 meters and made different flights from more than 25 meters... it's a real strange feeling. it's like a flying carpet...
On my first day I foiled toe side and I alsmost gibed. (fell when I switched my feet)
I just did nog need that front strap... I could foil strapless without any problem.... I did not understand it was so easy...

my real question is: am I testing 2 foils or just the difference between 60 and 90 cm masts ???



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Re: beginner foil

Postby DenisLaMenace » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:13 pm

just the difference between the mast length. much easier to learn foiling on 60cm

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Re: beginner foil

Postby verkiter » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:09 am

I’ll chime in on the Shinn Jackson and P foil. I made a couple of 100 yard runs within the first hour- way longer now. Others who foil where I am were a bit shocked. I have 8 days under my belt and am totally hooked which is no surprise I’m sure. I highly recommend as a beginner foil. Shinns new wing K is next on my list.
One thing missing from this thread is durabilty and the bashing newbies can put to a foil. The Shinn wings mount on top of the fuselage. Where I kite there are tons of logs floating in the water, unexpected shallow rocky bottom and all kinds of other demons designed to destroy foil wings. Not so with the Shinn. Sure the wings have been scratched but I know a carbon wing would have been destroyed several times here. Worth considering cause these setups aren’t cheap

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