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Difference on the small foil boards..

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Re: Difference on the small foil boards..

Postby jakemoore » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:11 pm

I have a crazyfly proto. I think its just a little smaller than the "chill deck" and definitely bigger than the "f-lite"

No volume is great for waterstarts especially strapless and does not hurt light wind performance during touch downs at all. In fact I think sinking the board helps tense the lines for waterstarts and planing area is more important that volume for light wind touch downs.

The lack of rocker is brutal if you touch down with a fast wing.

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Re: Difference on the small foil boards..

Postby TomW » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:25 pm

Thanks for your thoughts Peter.
My 2 boards 12O0 and 1350mm are so similar in construction and weight.
300 g difference in weight.
The mast is 50mm further back on the 1200mm so the nose is 100mm further out.

I guess the surprising thing is the perceived difference. The feeling is huge difference compared to the difference in the Moses Foil wings 550-590-633. The difference imparted by the board is 3x the difference in agility difference in these 3 foils using same mast. I'm talking about pitch, yaw, roll stability. Lift is not affected.

What I should do is put 150g on the nose of the 1200mm board and see if it makes a big difference.

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