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Bar, harness, board help needed

For all foil kite riders

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Bar, harness, board help needed

Postby vjanda » Sun May 14, 2017 8:38 pm

I used to power kite a lot and after a long break decided to get back into it :jump:

I have a couple of small kids so budget is tight but I managed to get me a s/h Blade 3 3m and Blade 4 4.9m.
The Blade 3 came with the original Flexifoil bar and the other kite with the Peter Lynn bar.

Here are the pics:


My questions:
1) I presume the Flexi bar is better of the two as it has a chicken release and can be hooked into a harness.
Is this bar suitable for body dragging in in sea water? I have another lei kite for that.
I would prefer a hole in the bar for de-powering, does this system work ok too?

2) I want to get a harness that will be good for mountain boarding and body dragging.
Do I get a seat or waist?
It will be a s/h job on flea bay. Any brands I should avoid or look out for?

3) Want a cheap usable mountain board too.
Same question as for the harness. Any brands I should avoid or look out for?

I've been out of the sport for over 10 years so I'm out of touch with what's good out there (well apart from the Blades, I guess they'll always be legendary :) )
Many thanks!

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