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Need help identifying thrift store Quadrifoil

For all foil kite riders

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Need help identifying thrift store Quadrifoil

Postby delphinkid » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:16 pm

I recently found a kite at a thrift shop and I'm trying to find information on it. The brand is Quadrifoil, but as they appear to have gone out of business I can't find much information on their old products. Aside from saying QUADRIFOIL(TM) in big letters, the only writing on it is "Kite Innovations Spring, TX" and underneath that "US Patent #4470567". Other than that there isn't any model or size info, though the kite is about 6ft by 3ft. If anyone familiar with quadrifoil kites could tell me what model matches this description or what the surface area might be I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Need help identifying thrift store Quadrifoil

Postby jakemoore » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:51 pm

Kite probably older than Kiteforum. Doubt it's worth the hassle unless you have a masochistic interest in tuning bridles of old kites. Traction kites have come a long way.

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Re: Need help identifying thrift store Quadrifoil

Postby FLandOBX » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:07 am

Regarding the "development and history of foil kites", Wikipedia says:

"One of the first available 4-line kites was the Quadrifoil, designed by Ted Dougherty, popular as a buggy kite in the mid-1990s. The Quadrifoil in its original design became known as the 'Classic' - the kite was rectangular in shape in contrast to today's more elliptical designs. Later evolutions of the kite were sold as the Competition (more elliptical in design - C1, C3), Q2000 range, and lastly the Competition X range (XXS, XS, XM, XL and the XXL). Although these were sold under the Quadrifoil brand-name by Active People, none of these were designed by Dougherty himself."

You might check with the good folks on this forum:

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Re: Need help identifying thrift store Quadrifoil

Postby Bille » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:19 pm

delphinkid wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:16 pm
I recently found a kite at a thrift shop
Your First post ; welcome to KF !!!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself , and your 2-years
of kiting ?


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