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HyperLink 7m vs Soul 6m - wave performance

For all foil kite riders

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flying grandpa
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Re: HyperLink 7m vs Soul 6m - wave performance

Postby flying grandpa » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:16 pm

Expecting stormy weather prepared bar with 7m lines for Soul 6. Unfortunately wind was 10-20 knots today, so attached 7m lines to 10m Soul.
And that was too short.
Unlike 9m lines, 7m setup doesn’t fit the rhytm of my curving turns at all.
Also in jumps it was awkward to redirect before landing.

But the kite itself behaved properly. No tip tucking, no overflying, no power peaks crossing power zone.
Unlike LEI’s, turning speed looks independent to line length and maybe that is main reason of my dissatisfaction.

I can imagine my kite hitting the drink with speed limited enough to be on a safe side, as the distance for kite acceleration is so short.
Also gybe downloop is pretty easy.

Theoretically lines length should be proportionall to kite area square root. Providing 9 m lines are good for 10 m kite, lines for 6m kite should be:
Hope above rule is valid and my 7m will fit 6m Soul and will play in harmony with my carvings alike 9/10 setup.

Looking forward for 20+ weather to let you know the outcome.

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