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Postby Toby » Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:11 pm

The network unites the kiteboarders from around the world, as well as snowkiters and landkiters.
Daily several thousand users visit the websites of, and kiteforum., making it the most frequented kitesurfing related website worldwide. And it is growing every month. Currently the network has almost 6 mio page views per month.

This makes the network the perfect partner for your advertising campaign if you want to promote your business throughout the worldwide kitesurfing community.
We offer solutions for small to big companies, depending on your marketing budget.

All banners or advertisings work on a refresh or click system. Each time a user refreshes the site or clicks on any internal link, the banners will randomly rotate between the advertisers. This way the banners of all companies will be shown the same amount of times per month. And you can have different banners with its own link rotating on your rented space. offers these types of advertising:
Top Banner (TB)
Forum Banner (FB)
Home Ad (HA)
Topic Top Ad (TTA)
Topic Bottom Ad (TBA)

Top Banner:
The Top Banner will be shown on the top frame of 3 banners will be shown at the same time.
Every site of network has the frame on the top, therefore it will also be displayed on, and

Positions: 3
Size: 234x60 pixel
Animation: yes (gif file)
Guaranteed views: 100.000 p.m.

Forum Banner:
The Forum Banner will be displayed each time you enter a forum on its top below the top frame. 1 banner will be shown at the same time. Excellent positioned.

Positions: 1
Size: 468x60 pixel
Animation: yes (gif file)
Guaranteed views: 60.000 p.m.

Home Ad:
The Home Ad is the eye catcher on the homepage. 2 ads will be shown at the same time.
Here you can not only show your name and logo, but also your latest product etc. just like the front page of a magazine. Its size is big and can contain a picture with explanations, text, logo etc.

Positions: 2
Size: 300x180 pixel
Animation: no
Guaranteed views: 50.000 p.m.

Topic Top Ad:
The View Topic Top Ad on top of the messages is a hot spot to advertise on. Each time a user views a topic this advertising will be displayed. 1 ad will be shown at the same time.

Positions: 1
Size: 730x180 pixel
Animation: no
Guaranteed views: 100.000 p.m.

Topic Bottom Ad:
The View Topic Ad on the bottom will be like the Home Ad. Its big size makes it perfect to advertise more details about a new product or latest product news. Each time a user views a topic this banner will be displayed at the end of the thread. 1 ad will be shown at the same time.

Positions: 1
Size: 730x180 pixel
Animation: no
Guaranteed views: 100.000 p.m. offers these types of advertising:
Country Ad (KBCA)
Side Ad (KBSA)
Beach Ad (KBBA)

Country Ad
Exclusive position on a country list. On this page all locations and regions of one country get shown.
There will only be one banner, excellent to get awareness of your business for that country. It does not get shown that often, but therefore targeted 100%.

Positions: 1 per country
Size: 300x250 pixel
Animation: yes
Guaranteed views: not valid

KB Side Ad:
The Side Ad has a unique position, therefore it is very visible. 1 ad will be shown at the same time.

Positions: 1
Size: 160x600 pixel
Animation: yes
Guaranteed views: tbd

KB Beach Ad
These ads will be shown on a specific beach and is very low priced. A headline will be shown in the according section and with a mouse over your ad pops up. Perfect for schools, shops, hotels, guesthouses, repairs, tour operators, and all kind of services. Your ad will contain a headline, one picture, ext, website link, and e-mail address. You can also set a GPS marker for the exact position of your business in our maps. You can change your ad anytime you want to.

Positions: unlimited
Size: standard
Animation: no
Rental Period: one year

Kiteforum.TV offers these types of advertising:

Home Top (TVHT) 728x90
Home Center (TVHC) 300x240

TV Home Top
The TV Home Top banner is a very visible banner, with a big size, always shown above all content on Kiteforum.TV.

Positions: 1-2
Size: 728x90
Animation: yes
Guaranteed views: tbd

TV Home Center
The TV Home Center banner gets shown on the home of kiteforum.TV. Nicely positioned in the center of the content, very visible.

Positions: 1-2
Size: 300x240
Animation: yes
Guaranteed views: tbd

News / Stories:
From 2008 on the news and stories will be posted in the main forums (Kitesurfing or Snow/Land). We will add a link into our news system, which links to the topic in the forums. This way people can also comment and disuss about it and the attention will be much higher.
The news and stories from all advertisers will be uploaded and linked to the news system for free.
Small companies have the chance to purchase news items for a small amount.

All banners have to be .jpg or .gif files.
They can be animated as you like it, but please at least 2 seconds per frame. Your banner will be clickable with a link to your website.
The Advertising can not be animated.
You can have several different banners on your rented space, each with its own link.
Long term agreements up to 12 month are possible.
Monthly stats with views, clicks and click-through-rate can be provided on demand or automatically send for a certain period.

Package Deals: network offers special package deals, which combine several types of advertising.
We can combine the types and can create a whole advertising campaign for you.
Please contact us to discuss an advertising plan.

Please contact us for further details.


Great Package Deal and Small Business Package

Small businesses have less money to spend for advertising, but do have the need to attract more customers to grow. We now offer an inexpensive way to advertise on world’s biggest kitesurfing network.

We created special tools and made a package you shouldn’t resist, since only one customer within one year should pay off the costs for it.

The package contains the following: – world’s largest kite forum

- Access to the Commercial Forum, where you can post anything commercial. It will feed onto the KF home to its left side, and to the left side of the tools. The latest headlines will also be shown on top of all forums in a box. And as well on
- Kite schools and shops will be added to the wiki listing with all their info and contacts. – world’s leading location guide

- A beach ad, which contains a headline, info text, website link, e-mail, upload for a picture or logo and a GPS position to be shown in the locations maps. Your beach ad will be shown on all locations in a 30km (20 mile) distance, so its spreads over a complete area.

We offer this package for an amazingly fair price to get you more customers:

50 Euro (about 65 USD) PER YEAR.

For a listing of 2 types of businesses (e.g. shop and school) the additional amount will be 15 Euro (20 USD) per year.

(price net, tax free for businesses outside the EU and with European tax number, otherwise 19% tax will be added)

For further questions or to book your package now, please contact Toby:

Links: Commercial Forum
KF Wiki Schools
KF Wiki Shops Beach Ad


Payments can be done with credit card via or bank transfer


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