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My Map FAQ (How To)

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:35 pm
by Toby
My Map is a nice feature to create your personal map with all spots you have been to.

We added a great tool for you to find someone to share costs.
No matter if a daily ride to a spot, a longer car ride to a different country, a boat trip, a room, apartment, rental car etc.
You can find other people in the Rider section of every Spot.
Here users are shown who added the spot to My Map.

Find all important in the My Map FAQ

General My Map info

What can I see in My Map?

How can I add a spot to My Map?

I want to be find someone to share a ride/room/holiday etc, where can I find someone?

Does my name appear on the Spot page as Rider?

I don't want anyone to see my personal map

Can I share My Map on Facebook?
my map.png
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