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Tip: Be Safe in Gusty Conditions

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:42 pm
by Toby
Be Safe in Gusty Conditions

Gusts are sudden, strong blasts of wind. They can quickly turn a kite session into a nightmare and are a key factor in many accidents. It is recommended to always monitor the wind before you start your session to observe if the wind varies significantly;in this case you should avoid riding. Now if you decide to ride in gusty winds, remember to avoid keeping your kite at 12 o’clock as gusts will lift it or drop it. Avoid staying too long on the beach as accident are more harmful there than in the water and wind is probably gustier there too. Launch your kite towards the ocean and get in the as soon as possible. Finally, use your common sense, go to the nearest IKO Affiliated Center and/or IKO Instructor to ask for advices about these special wind conditions and if you don’t feel comfortable with them, keep your session for another day.