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Do we really need volume in a kitesurf board

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tony montana
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Do we really need volume in a kitesurf board

Postby tony montana » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:55 pm

Comparing underground kipuna now axis kiteboards with north nugget,14 meter get going on nugget 10 to 12 knots,kipuna 11 to 12,upwind nugget better not by much,small waves nugget and underground similar,big waves underground wins up to 3 meter waves,gusty conditions underground better easier to edge,nugget gusty because of volume just takes off hard to edge and control speed,light wind big waves underground easier to tension lines edges way better pop off wave easier,gusty winds, big waves overall underground,nugget get out back easier because of volume,almost always ollie underground,Underground has very little volume,nugget has a lot of volume,so do we really need volume in a kitesurfboard,or should kiteboard be developing boards like kipuna,different rocker,concave etc,what you think,both great boards loads of fun.underground is easier to gybe strapless which is strange as low volume,TONY

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