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Pansh - what to check on arrival?

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Re: Pansh - what to check on arrival?

Postby foilholio » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:07 am

Interesting. Well the 5 Pansh I have had were all fine. Adam fine, Genesis I guess ok but flew much better after mod, Aurora 1 good, but much better after mod, A15 great and again more improved by mod. I have only modded the kites because I saw a way to improve them or others did and being so cheap I wasn't concerned with ruining them. That said I have modded and changed flysurfer kites quite a bit.

Any foil kite can collapse, earlier foil kites from flysurfer collapsed much easier. The tune of kites usually naturally changes to want to collapse more. Some kites need AoA restricted, but often it is a profile problem or pilot error.

For the money I think Pansh are the best value in kiting. Considering how truly low their cost is expecting something 100% on par with the latest Flysurfer or Ozone is very unreasonable. That said some of their kites are really good. The fact they have had issues with kites particularly older ones is true of any brand. The fact they still sell some older models is a little unusual. All brands have quality issues even the beloved Flysurfer. The fact I can get 5 kites that are not bad says to me there is no major problem with Pansh.

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Re: Pansh - what to check on arrival?

Postby Windigo1 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:29 am

I also bought 5 of them and they all flew well and I still use them. The Aurora 2 flew perfect out of the bag no mods, I have used my 2 Genesis a lot last winter they are very stable in gusty wind a bit slow turning but still ok. You have to shorten the back lines but that's not a huge deal. At 1/10 the price of a similar snowkite from the big brands I can live with a bit of tweaking. The bad thing with Pansh is the complete lack of customer support if you have an issue you will never get any help from them. If you know what you are getting into it can be worth it for a basic kite for snowkiting or buggying.

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