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Re: Caution Spitfire Vs North Rhino2 20

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Re: Caution Spitfire Vs North Rhino2 20

Postby ronen01 » Sun Jan 04, 2004 9:31 pm

Hardcave1 wrote:Had a chance to fly the new Spitfire 20m yesterday thanks to Lee from Caution Kites Oz. Must say that I was surprised.
I am a North R2 20 fan as it can pull my fat arse around with ease and while the new R4 20 is out I am reluctant to change after getting the R4 12 to replace my old R2 12.
This Caution 20 is a nice kite and is every bit as good as the R2 20. I was not use to the bar setup and would have prefered to use my own control bar.
This kite does have bottom end and I would say just a tiny bit off the R2 20 but like I said if I had my own control bar Iam sure It would have been almost the same. It has less bar pressure than the North R2 and steers a little bit faster as well. It flys off the front lines but does tolerate over sheeting. I feel that it likes to be ridden fast as it does not drag you off the wind as you build up speed. I did not test the jumping to much but the hops that I did had that nice float time the North is known for. One of the Caution team rides was doing nice triple backs with kite loop in 10 knots of wind so it's good for light wind tricks.
The construction looks simple but has the strength where its required and it felt lighter than the R2 20. You will like or hate the graphic flames but it will stand out from the rest. The AR of the kite is medium and it has 5 struts with inflatable end struts combined with the leading edge. The bar was 50cm long which I found good but others said they would like to try it with a 60cm to speed up the turning even more.
The only negative I found is it will luff and fall if you don't pay attention in gusty winds. But once you know its limits it become second nature to catch it before it happens.
I feel this kite is a real lite wind weapon even for light weight riders as it does not have that down wind drag but still has great low end.
By the way I am no way sponsored or have any interests with Caution kites and just put this review up as I was surprised by how good the kite was.

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