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Nobile NHP WMN vs. Naish Raskal?

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Nobile NHP WMN vs. Naish Raskal?

Postby ericavfox » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:17 pm

Hey, I just recently got into kiteboarding and did some camps at REAL kiteboarding @ cape hatteras and ever since I've been looking for a good board. I'm a small girl, I'm eighteen and I weigh about 110 pounds, so I've been looking for a board thats on the smaller side. I want a board thats good for freestyle and freeride, but I don't know what to pick. Any suggestions? The ones I've been looking at with the most interest have been the Nobile NHP WMN and the Naish Raskal. I don't know how these boards really compare to one another, but I really want a nice board thats good for freeriding and freestyle that I'm gonna love. Any ideas on which one i should pick? Or any other suggestions? Thanks!

-Erica Fox.

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Re: Nobile NHP WMN vs. Naish Raskal?

Postby kuczwas » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:05 pm

Hey Erica,

I ride regular NHP all the time and I think it is a great all around board. It is such a smooth ride, great in chop and very poppy. The craftsmanship is just amazing too, the high gloss finish looks great. The pads and straps are very comfy.

I think NHP WMN comes in smaller sizes and narrower stance but basically the same board.

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