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Switch Combat. Detailed pics

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Re: Switch Combat. Detailed pics

Postby Bradn » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:55 am

I am pretty sure it was just you flying it into the water too hard..
So far I have not damaged any switch kite,
whereas my eclipse kite broke all the time
an example of switch kites quality is where in some crap launches, kites usually break when they fold over in the centre, and pop, I have accidentaly done this a few times with switch kites and they have not popped.
The leading edge is far superior to any other kites ( thicker material, different stitching, higher quality) and to pop it you must have hit the water pretty hard.

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Re: Switch Combat. Detailed pics

Postby longwhitecloud » Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:33 am

I bought one of these in a 9m (+5th line) to check out a couple of months ago, the kite is most awesome as it is solid as a rock/predictable (not wobbly/stable as..) and generates a hell of a lot of power when turned so have been riding it in lighter winds (like a 10.5m?..). Really enjoying it, a bit of a fun trip back to when kites really pulled (ie hard out!) but with some of the newer advantages of more modern kites.. good work.

If i am trying something that will lead to pile driving the kite - unhooked (prob kite low unhooked trick/pass) - i would probably setup bar and lines so 5th went ended up under chicken loop onto leash and so would flag kite 100% on that until i at least got close to trick (like slingy fuel had 07/08)- for other tricks/stuff it is good not to have to completely release kite but get a bit of depower from setup out of bag, maybe not for high wind riding tho. i do wonder a bit about teh potential of teh carbon tip hitting someone in head but it sure makes teh kite responsive and there seems to be a bit of cushioning before it kicked in..?!..

i like this kite.

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