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Depower Lines Wear, Strength, Replacement

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Depower Lines Wear, Strength, Replacement

Postby Sun » Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:45 am


I have some Best Red bars, the ones that are essentially North bars on the chicken loop and QR, with Clamcleat trim blocks. See photos below.

My center lines (depower lines) are beginning to show some wear, especially near the point where they enter the QR. I have some questions about how much wear is ok, and what diameter rope to replace it with.

1) I see Dyneema rope like Amsteel has a breaking strength (when spliced) of at least 650kg for a 2.5 mm rope. Given that this style bar is supported by two ~4mm ropes, I am guessing there can be a decent amount of wear before things become dangerous. Is this true?

2) Does anyone know what the original diameter of the North / Best depower lines are? If I order some Amsteel, what is the appropriate diameter to use so that it threads through the QR correctly?

3) Best uses a bungee inside the rope where it passes through the plastic center line splitter. I will probably abandon this if I replace the rope with Amsteel. Is that extra thickness necessary for where the trim goes into the Clamcleat teeth? If it is, what is the appropriate material to splice into the Amsteel to give it some extra thickness?

4) I have not done any line splicing. What do you think is a reasonable quote from a local sail maker to make me a new depower line set using Amsteel?


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