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Secure system TAKOON WOOK

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Secure system TAKOON WOOK

Postby TIP » Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:26 pm

What about the secure and depower system of the TAKOON WOOK ?

Is it OK at 100% with the quick release chicken loops and with the security leash ?

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Re: Secure system TAKOON WOOK

Postby Peter_Frank » Wed Mar 12, 2003 11:40 pm

TIP wrote:What about the secure and depower system of the TAKOON WOOK ?

Is it OK at 100% with the quick release chicken loops and with the security leash ?

It works really fine yes, no probs here !

Front line safety leash, and short leaders.

It is the same used on Skoop2 and Wook, and then 3 different bar lengths for different sizes.

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Postby agio » Thu Mar 13, 2003 5:17 pm

Hey Peter

what kind of bar length would you take for the wook 9.5 and 14.
Is it possible to choose or are they supplied with fix length.

If it is possible to buy kite only, I am also thinking about buy only one bar to save cash.


PS.: stop writing so much nice things about the scoops or I will have to reconsider my kite choice :lol: :thumb: and when you tried the 14 wook please let me know how it works

PPS.: HAS ANYONE GOT PICTURES OF THE SAND COLORED WOOK? (to lazy open new topic) Maybe it's the best one, otherwise the yellow one is great. :bye:

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Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Mar 13, 2003 6:37 pm

It is possible to buy the Wook or Skoop without bar/lines yes.
I don't think you can choose bar length, unless your dealer has seperate bar's, and will change bar length for you.

If you use your own bar (one bar only at least) for the Wook, I would recommend something like 50 to 55 cm for the Wook 9.5 and 14.

I was out with the Wook 16.5 yesterday, and it is a great kite - which lift you so easy and long in the jumps.
And good upper windrange too.
It is not my kitestyle (I am an Airblast style kiter), so I prefer the Skoop myself.
But the more I rode it (getting used to it), the better I liked it - and could perform exactly the same as on the Skoops - just with a slightly diff. style.

So I am sure you won't regret your choice, when you get your Wooks :thumb:

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Postby cikopajo » Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:43 pm

I have skoop .
The quick realese works very good.The whole safety system works very good, which i think ,is the one of the most imported think on kite.....
SAFETY :thumb:

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Postby Phil » Sat Mar 15, 2003 1:23 am

Could you please expand on the Skoop vs Wook Kitestyle? Image

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Postby niko » Sat Mar 15, 2003 1:54 am

ya, Peter, please, if you would be so kind !


Postby Guest » Sat Mar 15, 2003 9:47 am

I know what peter want to say about the kite style. I tried many kites (naish, rrd, cabrinha), when I see a new kite on the beach, I asked the owner to try it. the "takoon style" (for me not only the skoop style) is an ability of the kite to the "fast riding". With some others kites, you can't ride fast without being overpowered, when you ride fast you can control as easy as with a skoop or a wook (i think it's the ability that peter or phil like a lot); I like this, more this ability is important for the safety.
The difference between skoop2 and wook concerns this ability in upper wind, the skoop2 can push the limit of this ability higher, but for many people (mainly intermediate riders) this specificity is not important (they are not usually overpowered). then, many people who try a takoon kite love it. i tried it, i had it.
ride safe and easy

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Postby Peter_Frank » Sat Mar 15, 2003 11:27 am


The "Takoon style", is like Nicolass says - kites with good depower, and that can be flown very close to the window edge, with a profile that is not too cambered, to avoid losing control, when your speed increases.
The "opposite" kitestyle would be the North Rhino or the Gaastra GXR in these respects.
They have other advantages, especially in light winds.

The Wook is a middle AR (quite high AR in fact) performance kite.
Not suited for students very first kite attempts - as here a very low AR or two liner would be better, for relaunching.

It is very easy to fly the Wook, because it will not stall backwards - so you don't risk oversheeting.
With the Skoop you must be a good pilot, so you don't do this.

And for jumping - beginners or intermediates (or skilled - some prefer this style - kind'a wakestylish), you can just send the kite UP, or a little BACK, in a normal jump - and then don't worry about the kite from this moment, as it will just sit parked up there and lift good.
This is the reason why most people would be best suited with this type of kite.

Whereas the Skoop flies a little faster, and need speed to perform.
This means that in jumps you must control and fly the kite much more, to obtain the max. power from this type of kite.
So you must often learn to control the kite in the air, while you "do your stuff" in the jump - rotations/board offs/whatever...
This of course demands more from the rider, but you will be rewarded if you can do it.
The reason why the Skoop2 has such power jump takeoffs even when not going with speed on your board, is because of its excellent acceleration when you turn the kite backwards, and the profile has still more lift than Airblasts.
But if you are not skilled and don't get the kite forward while in the air - your landing and airtime will suck.

This is much easier with the Wook.

You could also call the Skoop style an "Airblast style with more low end" which is exactly what it is.

Bruno's latest kitedesign before the Skoop (1's) when he started Takoon, was the Airblast - and when seeing the success of this one, but with some complaining about the low end of the Airblast - the next step would be to make an improved Airblast of course.
Same kitestyle, but more power at lower speeds.

The Skoop2 has been most refined regarding acceleration, and is tougher than the 1's - besides having an even more direct and hard feeling (Airblast feeling, with more low end).

Because so many, also Pro riders, wanted a "Takoon style" kite - which was a little steadier in the jumps and to use for waveriding also - the Wook was developed.

Of course all brands have different styles, and some brands has this "Takoon/Airblast" style.
Maybe it should be called "Legaignoux" style, as this is where this style comes from (2000-2001 Airblast style).
Last year the Airush Lift and Naish X2 had similar Airblast styles, just slightly different in some aspects - so they are used of many brands, because of this "kitestyle"s success.

I myself really prefer the Skoop2 style - which is just what I like and love.
But many prefers the Wook style - which is still the "Legaignoux" style - but with a more stable and forgiving kite, that relaunches fast.
They both turns fast, so here there is no difference.

Older medium AR kites tends to turn much slower than the high AR kites.
This is not the case today, as design has progressed, and medium AR kites are not only for intermediates anymore.

Hope this explains the history/style !

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Postby grantwe » Sun Mar 16, 2003 1:09 am

Hi there,

I've just bought the 16.5m and 12m Wooks today. I hope these sizes are o.k for me - time will tell if the 16.5 rips my arms off.

One quick question about the harness leash system. It attaches to one of the front lines and then there is a red ball a few meters up that line.
At the attachment of the harness leash with the front lines there is another red ball which is secured there with a wrap of velcro.
If you release the bar does the velcro wrap burst open and allow the line to stream out until it hits the ball or do you have to open the velcro before flying the kite?? Stupid question probably but I don't want to find out the hard way.


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