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Best Cabo 11m.... fast enough?

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Best Cabo 11m.... fast enough?

Postby genoves » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:16 pm

Hi mates....

I usually ride strapless in light onshore wind conditions and small/medium waves (airush converse 6,3 90 kg guy)

I tried to use my kahoona v2 11,5 in this conditions, but I find it toooo slow.... so I have to pump up my cabrinha convert 9m , starting to enjoy me around 15/16 knots....

I am thinking to replace my v2 kahoona with the new Cabo 11m.... :idea:

I would like to ride this new kite and surfboard combination looking for improve in 2/3 knots my low end range.
Do you think it will works?

Thank you all


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Re: Best Cabo 11m.... fast enough?

Postby DeeTron508 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:35 pm

Hey Genoves,

What type of wind speed are you riding in? The Cabo 11m is going to be much faster turning then the Kahoona 11.5 but will not have the same low-end power. So it allows you to turn the kite much faster and generate more pull faster, but may not be quite enough if you are going out in marginal/light wind conditions. Another option would be the 12 TS which is somewhere between the two, with a slightly larger wingtip for more pull and lower aspect than the Cabo for better low end while still having an increased turning speed...

Hope this helps!


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Re: Best Cabo 11m.... fast enough?

Postby sq225917 » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:12 am

Genoves you won't find a smaller kite than the Kahoona that is faster and has more pull. The drive coming from the kite is either available for forward motion or for turning speed depending on the kite shape. You could find a kite with more pull, but it won't depower as much or go upwind as high, it will probably be slow to turn also. You could find a kite like the Cabo which is lower aspect ratio and turns much faster, but doesn't have as much low end pull.

The Cabo is designed 100% as a wave kite, it is designed to turn quickly with light or no back line tension and it's centre of effort (COE) is placed so that it will drift on slack line comfortably and predictably but also go upwind very easily. The Cabo has less grunt than the Kahoona, but It's a better wave kite and much quicker on the bar.

Compare the charts on the BEST site they are accurate.

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