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Culebra Puerto Rico...

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Culebra Puerto Rico...

Postby 25knot+ » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:28 am

Heading down there in a bit. Anyone ridden there? Know any good spots? Any info would be appreciated.


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Manuel V
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Re: Culebra Puerto Rico...

Postby Manuel V » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:47 pm

The Best spots are in the East of Culebra :

"Las Pelas" is one of the best spots. Here are two videos in " Las Pelas"

You need a boat to acess this spot and I think that
the best spots in "Culebra" and "Culebrita" are boat access only.

"Ensenada Honda" is a big bay with open areas on different small spots that you can kite.
Launching would be from water only.
In "Las Pelas" and "Ensenada Honda" you can find a lot of boats anchored usually
there is more boats during weekends. But Culebra is not a place that you would find a
lot of kiters probably you would be kiting alone..................... :D

Flamenco Beach is on the North Area of Culebra and can be acess by car and is one of the most famous beaches in Culebra is not considered a kite spot but with the correct wind direction you can kite this beautiful beach. I think that during December you have a chance to kite in Flamenco Beach. I found this video with a quick search.

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