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Which is the best looping kite money can buy?

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Re: Which is the best looping kite money can buy?

Postby p__han1 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:22 pm

It sounds like you've been doing kite loops and you're looking for a kite that will excel in that category. You're looking for a "c" kite.
That malarchy about breaking your neck on a torch (or any other C for that matter) may have been a concern of kites 10 years ago but that simply isn't so anymore. Anyone giving you that line of bs is likely speaking from former experiences way back or had an experience where they Miss timed a loop. News flash, if you miss time your loop, you are going to eat it regardless of what type of kite you are using.

In the end, whether you are doing kite loops for sliding transitions, wake style moves, or big hooked in loops, the ideal kite will:

Pull through the whole loop,
Return to the zenith quickly thus catching your fall (size of kite obviously plays a role here)- for big jump loops/mega loops
Produce good slack after loop when wake style.

All of these traits are consistent with the characteristic of C kites. Even with a C you can ride passively or super aggressively, or anywhere in between. It's up to you but if you really want to push it, then in fact you are using the highest performance type of kite available.

Some may disagree with what I've said here and that's fine. I'm just sharing my 2cents here!

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