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Slingshot RPM biggest weakness - trailing edge wear

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Re: Slingshot RPM biggest weakness - trailing edge wear

Postby JGTR » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:16 pm

These are 2012 kites right?????

Because since started kiting in 2005 I've only seen this type of wear in such a short time on Naish and SS, all the other manufacturers manage to be able to make a kite that it takes a lot longer for this wear to become a problem :-(

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Re: Slingshot RPM biggest weakness - trailing edge wear

Postby we » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:52 pm

There's got to be something else going on here. I have a 12m 2009 that is paper thin from wear, but the trailing edge is fine. I've seen other RPMs here that have been dumped in the surf and really abused and they don't have any trailing edge issue.

Is it possible the damage is from how the kite is folded up and stored? Or the kites are left on a rocky beach flapping in the wind?

exuma kitesurfing
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Re: Slingshot RPM biggest weakness - trailing edge wear

Postby exuma kitesurfing » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:24 pm

my first personal kite was a new 2002 ss fuel 14m - i beat the crap out of it, it would not die! i've stayed with ss over the years because their kites fly really well and are tough, not to mention their simple innovations - strut connectors, pump leash, 3 strut. so yes, you can say i'm partial to ss, but not a pimp ... i've got better things to do.
yes, we all know the link was no good ... my sales rep advise me not to buy them, thanks dave.
fast forward 2007 when i launched my kiteboarding biz, exuma kitesurfing:
i've read and heard about ss trailing edge issues. my ss schools kites get used and abused to the maximum! i've used, td2s, td3s, revs, rev2s, octanes (the latter), fuels, rpms, and rallys for my school and NEVER ONCE have i had a trailing edge issue. i'm in a hot, sunnny, salty climate, harsh conditions.

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