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2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

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2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

Postby Zepheros » Tue May 07, 2013 2:22 am

I've been trying to find a kite similar in flight characteristics to the 08 Rebel (12 Meter) ever since my last one turned into tissue paper. Since 08, I've purchased every Rebel, several Evos an RRD and have flown countless other kites. Although, all are great kites, NONE even come close.

What I liked about the 08 was: 1) fast turning speed and the ability to control the radius of the kite turn (I suspect the loaded 5th line was a major factor); 2) the perfect place that it sat in the wind window when cruising, not too far forward and not too deep (Evo sits too deep limiting upwind ability and does not boost nearly as well); 3) the height and control when launching big. I know the 08 wasn't the best unhooked kited, but personally I couldn't care less.

Since 08, the North Rebels feel like beginner kites, very stable slow turning and simply boring to fly. Don't get me wrong they're GREAT kites just not what I'm looking for and I think its time for me to move on.

Please refrain from pimping, I'm looking for an honest recommendation from SOMEONE that remembers the 08 Rebel.

Toby- I know you fly north kites and likely remember the 08, your opinion might be valuable here.

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: 2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

Postby Billy B. » Tue May 07, 2013 5:53 am

Just find a solid 08.. I know how you feel, everyone has there own taste. I have flown the 2008 the 2010 the 2012 and 2013...They al feel a little different... I am a north athlete so I move to the next years gear and it always takes a little time to adjust, and then I feel right at home. But some kites just feel like your style I total understand...good luck.

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Re: 2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

Postby Zepheros » Tue May 07, 2013 7:08 pm

Thanks for the response, Billy B. Problem is I can't find any 08s in decent shape. If someone out there has one, let me know.

The kite is the most personal part of kit. There is no such thing as a bad kite these days. It's all about matching the kite to the rider. There are more kites on the market than I have shekels. Demo-ing is not helpful because as you mentioned it takes some time to dial in the kite and experience its flight characteristics in various conditions.

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Re: 2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

Postby icebird » Wed May 08, 2013 3:37 pm

I have 2008 and 2007 Rebels, but have not tried more recent Rebels.

You mention fast turning, and I agree - when I tested the first RPM kite many said it was fast, but I kept steering it in the water because of its slow turning compared to my Rebel.

Later I got a 2009 Vegas. It was very familiar, very fast steering and much more precise than the Rebel 2008. The problem with the Rebel is that it turns sharply and generates peak power quickly during a turn or transition. This requires timing in simple things as doing a basic turn. The Vegas has a much more controlled power generation through a turn or loop, which I really like (some delta kites have insane power spikes and pivot turning by comparison, which I really dislike). I even think this trait makes the Vegas more beginner friendly than the 2008 Rebel or some deltas. On the other hand, the Rebel is a bit easier to time for jumping, but not for landing. And for unhooked, Vegas is much more stable and dosn't have the tendendency to backstall. The 2007 Rebel backstalled a lot, which caused some damage to the canopy on unexpected crashes.

So I would say, the 2009 Vegas can be a very nice upgrade from the 2008 Rebel, also if you never intend to unhook. Only it is a bit rough in gusty conditions where the 2007 Rebel hardly let you feel gusty wind.

I now have the 2013 Vegas, and haven't ridden them much yet, but they feel extremly stable and appear to be very smooth in gusty conditions and "wind holes".

Update: you also mention boosting big, and the Vegas does not have the hang time of the Rebel although it does go up, if that is important. The 7m 2008 Rebel is fantastic in this regard.
You might consider the Bandit in some version. Haven't flown it a lot, but it is fast steering and doesn't drag you down wind like some deltas. Significantly more low end than Rebel 08.

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Re: 2008 North Rebel, todays equivalent??

Postby dyyylan » Wed May 08, 2013 7:20 pm

I think you might be interested in the Mutiny P-Series. They are a C kite but are still really easy to ride, and I think would give you that same tight, responsive feel while still having light bar pressure. They boost high, and have great glide since they're a little lower aspect than other kites in that category. dead simple relaunch and has 5th-line safety that you're used to

I wrote a little review here:

(I'm not affiliated with the brand)

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