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Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

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Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby NCWater » Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:34 pm

Does anyone have some insight on the Pro Motion Kite Vest versus the DaKine Surface Vest? I am trying to settle on a new impact vest. The Pro Motion Kite Vest seems to be more comfortable, which is probably due to the fact that it has no protection or closed cell foam around the ribs plus it has a velcro closure around the waist. The Dakine Surface Vest has more foam around the mid body and ribs and probably floats a big guy a little better (I weigh 198 pounds or 90 kilograms). The Pro Motion Kite Vest seems like more of a PFD than impact vest. Also, concerned about riding up or extra movement with any vest. I wear a Dakine Fusion seat harness.

Thanks for your help and feedback!

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Re: Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby windfreak74 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:52 pm

Im on the same boat looking for a new vest. Im retirering my nsr flotation vest and in the market for a new designed specific for kitesurfing.
Can onyone pitch some light on NP kitesurfing or wake impact vests?
The look padded and welll built.

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Re: Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby Rando1994 » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:20 am

Love the promotion. Mine is 3 years old and still like new. 215 lbs and adds just enough float and impact protection. Not too bulky. Made well. Is neoprene so hang to dry. Like the velco waist. Does not ride up. I ride with the dakine nitrous board shorts. Love the combo...

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Re: Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby knotwindy » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:56 am

O'neill or NP , can not remember which exactly makes an impact vest with pads on the side of the ribs, really a good idea to check for that because that is where you really need it the most.

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Re: Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby Matt Air » Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:10 am

I have/had both impact vests. I also use the Dakine seat harness. I rode the Dakine Surface vest for about 6 months ago until I lost it. Then I decided to try something different so I ordered the Promotion Vest this past year. I like both. I can confirm that the Dakine Surface vest offers a bit more protection and is slightly bulkier. In fact, I felt like Lou Ferrigno when I wore it, which isn't a bad thing. The advantage of the Promotion vest is the velcro, which offers a bit more flexibility and adjustability. There is also a zipped pocket in the back which I may use one day. Im going on a trip with 2 newbies, and I suggested the Dakine vest for them, as they were available and they seem to offer a bit more protection and perhaps floatation.

I didn't have a problem with either riding up, but sizing more important with the Dakine. Im 5'8, 170 lbs, 39 chest. I originally got a large surface vest, but latter switched to a medium. This is because the large felt better in the store, however, the vest loosens up when it gets wet, so the medium was the right size, plus the neoprene stretches. I would guess the large should fit you fine. I do believe the large did ride up a bit when it got loose, but not much. Both vests are thin on the bottom, so both seat and waist harnesses fit around them easy. In fact, it makes the harness more comfortable.

I do wish the promotion offered a bit more protection along the sides, but the Surface vest could have used more protection on the sides also. They both help with hard slams regardless, along with providing some floatation which make self rescue or even water relaunching easier. Overall, Im pleased with the promotion, they make gear suited for kiters. I made other purchases from them and plan on buying future wetsuits, etc.

My take on a vest is that its only useful if you wear it. Both are easy to get into because of the front zippers. While there are other vests that offer more protection and buoyancy, they also tend to be more restriction, making me less inclined to wear them consistently. Overall, I'd give a slight edge to promotion because of the velcro that allows for more flexibility (for instance if Im wearing a wetsuit). Hope this helps.

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Re: Pro Motion Kite Vest versus DaKine Surface Vest

Postby CFS » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:50 pm

Thanks for your input on this Matt - extremely helpful.

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