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Any Takoon Icon 2017 reviews?

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Any Takoon Icon 2017 reviews?

Postby salsaaddict » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:51 pm

Are there any English reviews about the 2017 Takoon Icon? And for those that actually own the board: How's this FLAX BIOTEK (linen) construction holding up? ... ite-board/

There's an Italian Youtube video created by somebody from It would be great if somebody could translate the most important things:
TAKOON-ICON-487x600-1.png (349.53 KiB) Viewed 1096 times

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Re: Any Takoon Icon 2017 reviews?

Postby RideZeBigOne » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:50 pm


I don't speak very well Italian, but I think that most of arguments are explain in this video :

I'm also riding with this board (Icon flaxbiotek version) since mid-2015. I'm riding strapless since 2011, freestyle way because there is not much wave in mediterannean sea (but I love riding wave too :-) ).

I really love this Icon :it is one of the most versatile noseless surf I have tried. I can do freestyle and surf in small/medium waves (over 2.5m I prefer riding a 5"11 surf shape). It is lightweight (about 3.2kg with rear pad and fins), so jumps and rotations are easier. I'm jumping a lot and the deck do not warp (ie bombproof ? not sure it is the good word in english...). I'm 1m75-70kgs (154lbs).
I have also tried Icon in south african and portugal waves , I was very comfortable to surf with it, it has good speed and accelerate quickly that is great in low end.
Friends who have tested it were very confident as soon as they ride with it, trying jumping while they were quite worried to jump with their own surfkite.

I have some video, if you want to see it in action (at my humble skill :wink: ) : and

In my opinion, Icon is maybe the best ratio price/performance/versatility !


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Re: Any Takoon Icon 2017 reviews?

Postby BassT » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:45 pm

I also don't speak Italian, but a friend of mine translated it for me. Basically he is saying that the board is much lighter compared to a bamboo construction but also very resistant against shocks and dings. He states that the board had a collision with some rocks but that didn't damage the board at all. Also due to the flax fibres the board is very flexy and vibration dampening, so it feels very comfortable and lively on the water. The Icon is good for strapless freestyle but also works in waves up to 3m. For bigger waves up to 4m the Burning would be the better choice. Also he states that the fins are good quality honeycomb fins, which is not a give fact these days.

I personally own the board since beginning of this year. Delivery to Germany was very quickly (I think 3 days) and the board came with the full EVA deck already installed. Until now I was only able to ride it at my homespot which does not really have waves, but for flat water and choppy conditions it works very well. It's really easy to handle and invites you to try new strapless stuff. Can't wait to go to Wissant and Cornwall around easter in a few weeks and hit some waves :D
Until now the board does not have any damages. However, 4 or 5 session that I had on the board is not really a significant long term experience :lol: I'll keep you posted :thumb:

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Re: Any Takoon Icon 2017 reviews?

Postby alexrider » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:03 am

Isn't a quad configuration more indicated for this board shape?
How does the Icon compare with the Firewire Vader and Vanguard?

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