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1 kite quiver question

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Re: 1 kite quiver question

Postby plummet » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:28 am

Kiteus Maximus wrote:
plummet wrote:yes the sweet spot changes depending what type of riding your doing. But the sweet spot will still be about 5 knots give or take any one riding style.

eg the sweet spot for boosting on my 10m c4 is 23-28 knots. for wave riding its 19-24 knots

if i want to do a wave dedicated session 25+ knots i wouldn't put up the 10m and trim i'd put up the 8m....

For me a 1 kite quiver is out of the question. i want to ride all winds and i want to do it with varying styles that require different things from the kite. Thats why i have a split quiver as well. in low winds i want high aspect kites for great upwind and glidy jumps. i slowly morph into lower aspect kites until i'm at the wave specific reo which is my smallest kite
Sorry bro but your sweet spot and the sweet spot on my 11M kite are night and day difference. I have a massive wind range. Riding 13 kt winds is definitely not boring because I am boosting and doing all the tricks I like to do. You have a small sweet spot because you are riding a kite that has a very specific wind range not to mention a very small one regarding its sweet spot. Making a global statement that all kites have a 5 kt range sweet spot is simply incorrect.
To be fair i am riding the following kites
15m flysurfer speed 3
13m ozone edge
10m ozone c4
8m ozone catalyst
6m ozone reo.

All those kites have a super sweet spot of 5 knots or so. So i am not making a broad statement based on only the c4. Every depower kite i have ever flown has a similar sweet spot. Sure you can ride them in alot wider range and I do. The smaller the kite the bigger the range. but the sweet spot is still about 5 knots or so give one style of riding. In saying that i change my style of riding and to suit and can extract a 10 knot sweet spot out of any given kite but thats not the point.

I think what is different between me an you is what we call the sweet spot. maybe thats a topic for a completely different thread!

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Re: 1 kite quiver question

Postby lbatbeach » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:44 am

Most of the guys here have a 10m and an 8m, but we have trade winds. The best kiter in NW Puerto Rico has one kite, a 9m. If its too light, go surf. If its really windy, make sure your go to kite has good top end. Strapless floaty surfboard for light days, directional kite board for windy days. Works around here.

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Re: 1 kite quiver question

Postby DJwilson » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:48 am

With my 9m smoke , and different boards - JL 125cm, Lunacy 132cm and Resin8 5'10 - I pretty much have a 1 kite quiver from 12- 37knots. This covers 90% of conditions on the South coast of England. So smoke well worth a look at if you can only afford 1 kite....

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Re: 1 kite quiver question

Postby lbatbeach » Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:32 am

Thats what my friend rides as his 1 kite quiver. 9m Smoke.

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Re: 1 kite quiver question

Postby Westozzy » Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:07 am

Yes as I said earlier the smoke is a very decent one kite quiver. The low end is fantastic and so is the top end due to all the bridal and pig tail adjustments. Available.

I still agree with plummet (although he has been told he is incorrect) and apparently I don't know how to use my kite because I hardly touch the trim. lol.

the sweet spot spectrum can change depending on the style of riding including the board. But ultimately we have all had those sessions where everything aligns just right. Had one only yesterday on my 11m edge. it was blowing 17 to 21 on a cardboard mutant as there was some swell. If I was on the monk this sweet spot would be 19 to 24 for me.

If on my SB it would be 15 to 20. where you are perfectly powered and the kite flies to its optimum design characteristics. sure I could ride lower and higher but it wouldn't be in that kites sweet spot.

Sure one kite quiver can get you out there but with more kites and boards you can narrow into that ideal 4 to 6 knot range.

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