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POV Video Kiter Lofted Up & Thru Tree Canopy

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Re: POV Video Kiter Lofted Up & Thru Tree Canopy

Postby edt » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:52 am

SSK wrote:Calling this guy a kook is really harmful for the sport. I am sure it was very embarrassing to put it out to the world, he posted it so others would learn. From his posts he appears very humble, learned valuable lessons, and states that he posted it so that others can learn from his mistake. We should applaud him for having the courage, not criticize him. Yeah he f*!@ed up, and yeah he clearly admits to it. Maybe your so good that a mistake will never happen to you, but that does not mean some Newb won't shut down your favorite spot in Michigan because he does the same thing. A death or injury in or sport is not a local issue, it can effect access anywhere. I flew military aircraft and there is nothing as painful as admitting in front of your peers that you messed up, and almost killed yourself and others. But I guarantee no one ever called you a Kook because they knew it was a valuable lesson the benefitted everyone, and they could be easily be the next.
If someone in our sport messes up and has the balls to post it to the world so we can learn from it, the only kook is the one who criticizes them.
I don't mean to hurt his feelings, glad he posted the video. I get where you are going with this. If you call someone a kook he is reluctant to post a video of his mistakes for all to learn. Though I think Military planes are a bit different, you are sort of forced to take lessons. Kitesurfing is a sport where there are lots of people who don't take lessons and make mistakes. I'll try to be more sensitive and not say "kook".

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Re: POV Video Kiter Lofted Up & Thru Tree Canopy

Postby Jdude » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:48 am

Jdude wrote:At the end of the vid there's another kite up on the tree.
So were there two accidents at about the same time ?
RickI wrote:Can't be sure at this point, but I think the kiter who was dragged and lofted, snagged it on the way up. He must have left in the canopy when he was flung out the top.
Looks like it's a different kite. the guy having the accident is riding an orange/blue/white Cab, the one in the tree is grey. Can't see anywhere in the vid if he snagged another kite with him on the way up. Maybe someone released his kite to run and help ?

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