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Efficient 15m for light wind? Edge?

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Re: Efficient 15m for light wind? Edge?

Postby nicor » Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:17 pm

TheRussian wrote:An edge would work on anything, but with varying degrees of efficiency.

17m is a great light wind kite, IMHO preferable to the 15.

I would be careful with any self launch, aside from the edge being a powerful fast kite, I would be worried about damage with any self launch.

Really? I'm surprised. The kite must be robust enough to handle a self launch. What if you accidently tomahawk the thing, will it explode.

Where I ride we need to self launch and land most of the time. We have no beach, we need to pump up the kite walk into the lake then drift launch.

Anyways, my question was if you can reverse launch an edge? but I guess the problem you are getting at is they are fragile and don't want to bang them up too much.

Ted B
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Re: Efficient 15m for light wind? Edge?

Postby Ted B » Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:33 pm

hey Guys SPLEENE has a new 15.5 QX lite (also a 17.7M) and let me tell you that this is a awesome Kite.. For a 15.5 it pulls like most 17m and turns very well best turning 15 I think I have flown. during a Demo yesterday one customer told me that the 17.7 pulled harder then his 19m and turned faster then his rrd 15m .Very strong but still lite construction if you are looking for a great lite wind option you owe it to your self to test these new kites!!!!!

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Re: Efficient 15m for light wind? Edge?

Postby TheRussian » Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:02 pm

nicor wrote: but I guess the problem you are getting at is they are fragile and don't want to bang them up too much.
almost.... it is more like I am a wuss and having spent out on them, I treat them very carefully :D

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Re: Efficient 15m for light wind? Edge?

Postby darippah » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:59 am

Okinawa Kiter wrote:We self launch our Edges all the time using a tether. Piss easy never had or seen a problem. We have areas where you can clip a D ring onto a rope set your kite and then hook in. Drift launching is just wearing out your gear unless you are on a sandy beach and have no where to tie off to or no one to assist you. Foils never need an assisted launch.

Any of you been kiting long enough where we use to fold over the tip of the inflatable kite and pile a bunch of sand on it then self launch? Haven't seen that done in probably over 10 years now.
I launch like that every time, even on my 19m edge. I started using a sandbag to save the kite a bit thanks to the advice of supaez. Reverse launch is also very doable even with the large size, even when I wasn't able to ride with my home made inefficient foil board

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